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When I Hear That Whinny

When I drive up to the barn it’s always in anticipation of hearing the magical sound. The sound of Cass calling to me. Sometimes Becca is the one that greets me but 9 times out of 10 it’s Cass. No matter what may be on my mind or how tired my body is, that sound makes everything ok. My world is complete. Since we’re getting a bit of a break in our heat wave lately, that whinny has been accompanied by a trotting Cass and that is really special! She can be all the way at the back of the property, hear me whistle (which is fairly lame!) and comes running. I love it!

My girls have gotten into a very lax schedule over the past few months. Here they await me opening the doors to the stalls so they can eat their breakfast and relax under the fans.

Yep, Becca’s got her head on momma’s butt! Cass is imploring me to hurry up already 🙂

Becca’s trying to see what her momma’s got.

She just won’t share!

Once Becca goes into her stall I open Cass’s and she can roam at will. She eats her breakfast grain and nibbles hay while I do my clean up chores.

Both girls love their Himalayan salt blocks. Becca’s last longer than her momma’s.

Becca almost always naps when she comes into her stall. Sometimes she even lays down. Must be hard to still be a growing baby. Don’t her ears look as though they’ve been dipped in paint? She’s a funny girl and doing well in remembering her manners. Fall means her serious training will begin!

The donkeys trudge along after the girls to get their breakfast. They aren’t officially mine but I sure love them like they are. Mathilde (momma) has come so far in her trust of humans.

Clementine is still holding the position of barn manager. Cass will even share her hay and I often find them in the stall together.

Eva (cattledog) loves going to work at the barn! We usually have our breakfast while the big girls have theirs. Here she’s making sure Clem doesn’t get any crazy ideas!

Yes, Australian Cattledogs are smart… note where she’s parked herself.

Clementine and Eva have a love/hate relationship. Eva gives a half-hearted chase and Clem gives a half-hearted kick. Neither have ever hurt the other.

Cass does enjoy her grazing time.

She also enjoys her grooming time. Can you tell how much bigger than momma Becca is?

Becca is on the right. Crazy to think I once could carry her in my arms!

This was a beautiful day… look at that sky.

And this… is a beautiful face… Becca has become a breathtaking horse. How lucky I am to be theirs.

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