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I just read over 30 sympathy cards that were lovingly sent to Scottie & me over a 3 month period of time. In those 3 months we watched as 5 of our beloved dogs died. All were old, all were sick. It was the end of a wonderful era. The end began with the most important one, Ramirez… my Ramirez. Oh, what a story he will help me write one day! September 1st, 2009 was the day we had dreaded for longer than I can now remember. I will let Scottie’s eulogy tell our story:

Ramirez, my friend, it is truly an honor tho have lived and loved with you by our side for the past 17 and a half years. When our eyes first met in the summer of 1992, it was pure magic. We were young and newly married, with no pets and you were already completely full of yourself at 4 months old. Oh, the challenges you brought us… jumping over kitchen counter tops to escape confinement, eating pencil sharpeners and scaring your mom into an emergency vet visit, guilting your dad with a sad little cry that made him take you out of the crate and put you under the covers in our bed… which was where you chose to sleep every night for the rest of your life.

Then came the day you discovered your love of racing, when I had to chase you around the little lake by our apartment. No other miniature pinscher would dominate the Orlando doggie derbies like you did. Ribbons, trophies, you even won a grand prize cruise! You owned those race tracks no matter what dog stood in your way.

At only a year old you were gracious enough to tolerate us bringing home a stray, a big goofy dog named Jackson. And soon thereafter, you yourself selected Rebecca the cattledog for adoption. The Holy Trinity was now complete, the doorway to our future had been flung wide open. And it was because of you.

As the rescues came and our family grew, you were always King of the Castle. Even when there were 18 dogs living under our roof, you towered above them all. And each and every rescued dog we helped, was because of you.

We learned so much that we were able to start our own pet sitting business. And 12 years later, thousands of people trust us to care for their pets. It’s all because of you.

You have changed not only our lives, but those of countless others around the world. Everything we have, everything we have done, is all because of you.

You are an icon. You are a legend. You are the greatest there will ever be.

We miss you, my friend. There is an ache in our hearts that is as deep as the oceans. We hurt so very much without you by our side. But we know that you are now young and strong and mighty once again… standing tall with Jackson and Rebecca, the Holy Trinity has at long last been reunited. And that gives us peace, as we know we will all be together again.

Into the freedom of wind and sunshine

We let you go

Into the dance of stars and planets

We let you go

Into the wind’s breath and the hands of the star maker

We let you go

We love you, we miss you, we want you to be happy

Go safely, go dancing, go running home 

Prince Ramirez of the Highlands was so named for Sean Connery’s character in the film “The Highlander”.  (From Wikipedia – Although their training lasted for a very short time, Ramirez left an indelible impression on the young Highlander — the value of fine skill over brute force, a taste of the theatrical, the wonder of the world beyond Scotland, and most of all, the connection between “all living things.” ) It’s amazing how our Ramirez would mold into that very description. Yes, we definitely humanize our animals! He could demand our undivided attention and ignore us at the same time. His namesake was an immortal and my boy certainly lives on thru the incredible bond in my heart and soul.

Ramirez lived and loved… he loved his sister, Rebecca. She always had his back.

He loved birthday cake.

He loved the sunbeam.

He loved winning doggie derbies.

He loved his friend, Rocco… the only dog who could truly beat him in a race.

He loved his always expanding wardrobe.

He did not love his hurricane wrap but if we were gonna blow away we were gonna blow away together!

He loved Thanksgiving.

And guarding his dad’s food.

He loved to be up on things…

He loved his daddy.

He loved laying in front of a fire.

He loved his wife, Katie.

He loved saving other minpins… as long as they realized the world revolved around him.

He loved baby cats… oh, how he loved baby cats!

He loved me.

He made me a better person. He brought out all my unknown talents and passions and for that I am forever grateful. He was that once in a lifetime love. The dread I lived with for so long, knowing we would someday lose him has been replaced by my grateful heart. When he died it was unbearable pain but how fortunate that we were the ones chosen to be his family. I will never love another as completely and deeply as I did this little man. My heart cannot and will not allow it. He was meant to be. To be the one, the one that began it all… the one that changed it all. There can be only one. Ramirez 02.07.92 – 09.01.09.

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