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Worth The Broken Heart?

It was December 4th, 2005 and I was at the county shelter for some sort of business. It was not to pick up a dog, I’m certain but there was just no way to leave this old lady behind. I don’t remember her exact reason for being there but it doesn’t matter. She was there and she needed a soft place to land. It was obvious she’d been bred way to many times, Lord knows what became of all her babies and it was also obvious she was simply sweet. An old, used up dog usually gets overlooked amongst the cacophony of young, agile hounds all vying for anyone’s attention. But that December day happened to be this old gal’s lucky day.

I named her Sophia and brought her home. Scottie wasn’t expected for a few hours so I knew I’d have time to acclimate her to the rest of the pack and figure out what the heck I was gonna tell him – this time! Sophia walked in as if she’d done it a hundred times before. None of our dogs batted an eye in her direction, looked like she wasn’t going to cause any problems. So much so, when Scottie walked in to his usual greeting of  wagging and barking, he looks over at me and says, “so when did we get a beagle?” Yeah, she was fine.

I began looking for a retirement home for our old lady beagle. Clients are a good place to start and I just so happened to know a lovely couple with an affinity toward these long eared hounds. It was love at first sight and they took this thrown away gal into their home and hearts without hesitation. Sophia became their Sophie. That takes a special person. Taking an older dog means you will feel that heartbreak all the more sooner. You know what heartbreak. Taking an older dog means you will have ailments to deal with sooner rather than later. But, there is something so special about an old dog… they’ve already been there and done all that. They are wise and funny, oftentimes downright cranky but they are always, always appreciative of the soft bed, kind word and loving touch. They deserve your broken heart.

I received this email today. I did not cry… I smiled knowing that there is now a happy dog looking down upon us with her grace because we felt she was worth it.

Hi Kathleen,

Just wanted you to know that Sophie passed away yesterday, after living with cancer for almost two years. She only had one horrible day tho her age had started to catch up with her. Both Andy and I want to thank you for “introducing” us to her over five years ago. I loved her as soon as I saw her at Louise’s, and we enjoyed taking care of – and spoiling – her from the day she came into our home. She was a great pet, and we believe she totally forgot her previous life. I sure hope you are enjoying your horse and all the other animals you love and care for.

Best, Grace 

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