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Who’d A Thunk It?!

I was a bit worried about training in the heat today because Gary couldn’t get to the barn until after 11am. Then I realized, it’s just as hot at 8am as it is noon! So, I brought the girls into their stalls and let them nap under the fans before work began. We never know what we’re going to do with our lessons. We let Cass tell us what she’s ready to do. She started off more reactive than usual. Gary had brought some tools she’d never seen before. One saddle is not just like another saddle, one saddle blanket is not like one of a different color, nor is one whip just like another. This is true, especially to Cass.

Gary’s saddle made noises unlike the saddle Cass is used to. It was cinched up tighter and felt completely different since it has a tree and hers doesn’t. She got right into her Zen-like state, though and realized things being different were no big deal.

You are seeing a first! Cass has never allowed Gary to get his leg all the way over! She stood perfectly still and then…

He’s able to sit on her! Gary doesn’t just stop things there, oh no. He got on and off several times. She was such a good girl!

She did several turns around the pasture and remembered previous lessons in “Whoa”.

It is amazing to me this is the same girl that got off that horrible truck 3 years ago. She’s comfortable with her world now and I’m so proud to have been able to give her that.

Gary felt we were ready for me to lose the safety line but I didn’t feel ready so he still walked with us. My girl did her stops and forwards like a pro! I didn’t even have to give her little taps this time, she moved simply off slight leg pressure. We’re just tickled at ourselves!

Gary took a little time to work with Becca after Cass was done. The past few weeks I’ve been able to work with her more on our ground manners and such and it showed today. Gary says she is more than ready to be started under saddle.

The major difference in personalities with my girls is where Cass is suspicious and cautious of new things, Becca is curious and will go check it out. Cass is an introvert where Becca is an extrovert. Since I’m not an experienced rider, Gary will be the one getting on Becca’s back! We’ve got two different training worlds going on to get to the same goal.

Becca wants to push through her world so Gary uses his extended arm and hand to move her.

She was asking all the right questions and here she seems to be saying, “yeah, ok… toss that thing all around my head, see if I care!”

Becca and Cass, mother and daughter… so much alike, yet completely different. We are truly blessed and I just pray I can always keep them safe and happy.

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