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We had a long overdue lesson with Gary today. I admit I fibbed a bit on how much we’ve been working… well, I did say not very much! I think the girls and I have been working just not in any organized kind of way. I’ve been using my energy more to talk with all the horses so that is certainly work. Keeping my mouth shut isn’t so easy. Cass came trotting in from the back pasture as soon as I called for her. Her energy today was awesome and she led us on an interesting journey.

I saddled her up and she stood perfectly still even though she hasn’t seen the saddle in a long time. This is so different from the girl who used to flee at just a glimpse of the saddle or anything she didn’t quite understand. I started off working with her but soon handed her over. I hate it when Gary says, “ok show me what you’ve been working on…” and I know we haven’t been working on much. I was feeling awkward (my fault) and Cass was not getting that I really meant for her to walk away from me. She and I are so close and constantly touching that she doesn’t understand that I am sending her away. Gary took over and she sure understands what he says! He simply talks horse better than I do but I’m learning.

Cass must think he’s so strange when he does things like flip the rope all around and over her head.

Then he got out a totally new monster… a Hoola-Hoop! Yikes!

What grown man carries around a silly Hoola-Hoop?! Cass says, “Gary, of course!”

Gary started messing with her saddle and remembered the cinch isn’t quite small enough. The whole thing starts to slip off if you put any weight in the stirrup. So… he took the saddle off and that’s when things got really fun!

Yep, he’s a crazy person!

Cass was such a good girl and let Gary do all sorts of fancy dance moves atop her. Planking, anyone? 🙂

She’s wide, though, and every time he tried to move that leg over to actually sit on her she’d move. She was showing just a bit of protest. She could’ve freaked out, bucked him off, took off running or any number of things but she would just step out a little to tell him she wasn’t comfortable.

Cass always gets lots of scratches and loving when she asks the right questions.

It was my turn and Cass had no problem with me scrambling on top bareback! I cheated a bit and used the steps. We’re gonna have to work on hoisting my big butt on top of hers. I had purposely left a long tuft of mane at the bottom to use for holding on but it seems Becca and Sam have chewed it off. My girl was good so I didn’t have to hang on too tightly. Riding bareback is what teaches you about your seat and balance. It sure is different than the security of a saddle but we were both comfortable. Gary kept things controlled by holding a lead rope just in the off chance Cass would make a mistake. And, yes, he’s taught me the proper way to fall. Let’s hope I never have to!

We walked all over the front pasture. We made turns where I had to drop my hip into the turn so I wouldn’t slide off the other way. We stomped a few flies. We were moving as one. Cass got a few strange looks from the horses in the back but she paid no mind to them. Two hours flew by and all of us were sweaty, tired and thrilled! Have I mentioned lately how much I adore this horse?!

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