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Our Big Baby B!

Rebecca Maye is now a THREE YEAR OLD! Hard to believe, isn’t it?

The past few weeks I’ve been watching a friends rescued mare on camera as we have awaited her foal. He was, just as Becca was, born off camera as soon as momma walked outside. I couldn’t help but remember Scottie setting up our camera, fussing with the barn owner over the lighting and the mere fact a camera was gonna be on! We had a live chat going with sometimes 100 people all night long, it was crazy. We would all hear that 10pm train whistle and stop breathing every time Cass lifted her tail. We watched her diligently for 2 weeks straight, waiting for our baby Becca.

She’s grown into a stunning Fjordhorse, already towering over her momma. She’s elegant, feisty, smart, good-natured and up for just about anything. To think how easily her life could have been tossed into a trash bin at a slaughter house still floors me. I’m thankful everyday that the Universe somehow saw fit to make my dream come true and bring me these two precious girls.

Happy Birthday Becca!

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