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Remember that little, brown horse? JayBird  (JB) has made some big strides since the last update. During the months he was rehabbing at Terri’s barn, he was allowed to simply be. He was fed, he was safe and he was given a horse friend in Skipper. This time was essential for his overall mental and physical well being. He realized on his own that people no longer meant bad things, they could mean good.

It’s hard to remember him when he looked like this. The horse who had so little value to someone he was tossed away like garbage was about to hit the jackpot. He was still at the shelter at this point and the team of Gary and Terri was being formed. Saving this horse was their mission. And they did just that.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of working with rescued animals is that they need balance and stability. Skipper was the best teacher JB could have. He’s completely confident and adores the affection of his admirers. JB watched, learned and began to let his walls down.

Gary came to Terri’s to work JB as often as he could but it could only put a small dent into the real training portion of his rehabilitation. The time had come for JB to make a move. We are all forever grateful JB had this dream farm for his crucial months after the shelter. Terri and her sister, Jan, started him on the right path to becoming someone’s special boy.

This particular day at Terri’s was a first for a few things. He’s got a complete stranger in the stall with him while Gary’s touching him with the carrot stick and he’s calm. A few months ago it was impossible to even get him in a stall if a person he knew was close.

JB is more comfortable with Gary touching him with his hands now. Keep in mind, when the police rounded JB up where he was dumped by the mall, he was a freaked out stallion and allowed no one near.

He’s had the same grungy halter on for months so it was time for his change to begin. A new halter was the first step! Sweet Skipper always reassured him things were cool.

This was JB’s first time to venture into the round pen to do some real ground work. I was amazed watching it all happen and am so proud of everyone involved in saving this boy.

See what good groceries can do? He is sort of stunning, don’t you think?

JB began asking all the right questions. For a horse that was doomed about 6 months ago he’s proven with time and patience, trust can be built.

The next phase of JB’s rehab has already begun. Gary took him to his farm so he could work with him more consistently and begin pressing him to learn, not just react. I know first hand the value of my rescue horse – she saved me in more ways than one. I hope there’s someone out there JB can save the same way. We are in search of his next move, which will be his forever home.

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