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This is a little late getting posted but Becca got her summer haircut. Good thing, too, since we’re already hitting the 90’s and it’s only April! I’d been letting her mane grow but decided she needed to look like a respectable Fjordhorse rather than Tina Turner – no offense, Tina 🙂

I’ve always used hand scissors rather than electric clippers to do their trimming. It’s rather ironic since it is difficult for me to cut a straight line. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Would have been a lot easier with someone else to hold her but we muddled through and only a few cuss words uttered by me.

She is such a pretty girl!

Left some of the clippings out for birds to use for nest making.

Here’s her momma, showing what that neck will grow to look like eventually. Since this salon day Cass & I had a major breakthrough. She let me trim her mane with the electric clippers! She’s gotten so brave. WhooHoo! Keep cool everyone.

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