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Round 2 of the $300,000 SHELTER CHALLENGE has started! Since we won $1,000 in the one that just ended lets all try and do that again.  Our animals deserve that grant money.  Over $300,000 in grants will be given away between now and the end of the year. Please everyone sign up for the daily email reminders on the animal rescue site. It’s easy!

START VOTING TODAY! Remember your voting and us winning these grants has put our little shelter on the map. We have remained at the top of this challenge for Florida for almost 2 years now thanks to you.

Here is what you do go to: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/shelterchallenge

Scroll down to the purple box and in the “Shelter Name” field, type in Seminole County Animal Services. Next select Sanford and FL Then hit Search, and click on Vote. Confirm your vote by retyping the words that appear. It’s that simple and takes fewer than 10 seconds.

Those 10 seconds will go a long way in helping Seminole County Animal Services and their wonderful adoptable animals. We need everyone to vote EVERY DAY from their computers and Phones with web access. This challenge runs until June 19th. Think of all the wonderful animals you will be helping. Past grants have been used to treat lots and lots of dogs for heartworms who would not have had a chance for adoption without that life saving treatment. Many dogs and cats were spayed and neutered and lots of stuff was bought that the animals needed. Our shelter animals have been disappointed by so many people, but now they’re counting on you to make their stay more comfortable and us better able to secure forever homes!

Jill (dog on right) is a Seminole County Animal Services Alumni. She sought refuge during the numerous hurricanes a few years back and with the shelter’s help found her way to our family. Check out our adoptable animals at: www.seminolecountyadoptions.petfinder.com

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