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Our Moment Has Come

We had our second riding lesson and my girl did awesome! She worked for a while on the ground with Gary and the whole time I kept saying to myself, “Ok, I want to get on now!”. I must remember to be patient, though, for it’s what got us to where we are now. Take the time it takes, baby steps… baby steps. It was finally time to get on and she stood perfectly still under my wiggling and maneuvering. I really need a smaller cinch so the saddle won’t slip.

Being the smart girl she is, Cass always checks to see if Gary’s hiding any treats…

“Dang it! I’m supposed to do this for free?!”

We are both intently listening to our trainer.

Must not have got it and had to be shown. Gary is very patient with us newbies. I would think most would not train a green rider and green horse together!

Cass is trying to figure out what I want her to do. We wait to allow her to think as I’m giving slight kicks…

Gary gives and releases just the right amount of pressure from the rope halter as her feet begin to move. Horses learn from the release of pressure – “What do I do to get her to stop kicking me? When I walk, she stops – got it!”

This is what you call a horse with a soft eye.

Can you tell how proud I am? I sure love this girl.

She just may love me a little, too, though some will debate if horses “love” or not.

If we’re going to keep up with our training I’m gonna need to go shopping. Real riding pants would be much more comfy than jeans and a more complimentary helmet would be nice.

Part of our training is lots of scratching and loving, Cass likes that.

When I get on Cass I use the mounting block and it’s fairly easy, I just slide right over. Getting off is a different story. This is also where a horse could jump away if you jar them too much. Gary is having to hold the stirrup on the other side since my saddle slips but as goofy as this looks – my dismount was graceful and Cass didn’t move a muscle.

Ta-Da! A job well done by all.

We’ve built our relationship on love, respect and honesty which has allowed us both to trust. It’s been three years in the making but our moment has come. What a great feeling!

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This is a little late getting posted but Becca got her summer haircut. Good thing, too, since we’re already hitting the 90’s and it’s only April! I’d been letting her mane grow but decided she needed to look like a respectable Fjordhorse rather than Tina Turner – no offense, Tina 🙂

I’ve always used hand scissors rather than electric clippers to do their trimming. It’s rather ironic since it is difficult for me to cut a straight line. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Would have been a lot easier with someone else to hold her but we muddled through and only a few cuss words uttered by me.

She is such a pretty girl!

Left some of the clippings out for birds to use for nest making.

Here’s her momma, showing what that neck will grow to look like eventually. Since this salon day Cass & I had a major breakthrough. She let me trim her mane with the electric clippers! She’s gotten so brave. WhooHoo! Keep cool everyone.

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No Words Needed

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Round 2 of the $300,000 SHELTER CHALLENGE has started! Since we won $1,000 in the one that just ended lets all try and do that again.  Our animals deserve that grant money.  Over $300,000 in grants will be given away between now and the end of the year. Please everyone sign up for the daily email reminders on the animal rescue site. It’s easy!

START VOTING TODAY! Remember your voting and us winning these grants has put our little shelter on the map. We have remained at the top of this challenge for Florida for almost 2 years now thanks to you.

Here is what you do go to: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/shelterchallenge

Scroll down to the purple box and in the “Shelter Name” field, type in Seminole County Animal Services. Next select Sanford and FL Then hit Search, and click on Vote. Confirm your vote by retyping the words that appear. It’s that simple and takes fewer than 10 seconds.

Those 10 seconds will go a long way in helping Seminole County Animal Services and their wonderful adoptable animals. We need everyone to vote EVERY DAY from their computers and Phones with web access. This challenge runs until June 19th. Think of all the wonderful animals you will be helping. Past grants have been used to treat lots and lots of dogs for heartworms who would not have had a chance for adoption without that life saving treatment. Many dogs and cats were spayed and neutered and lots of stuff was bought that the animals needed. Our shelter animals have been disappointed by so many people, but now they’re counting on you to make their stay more comfortable and us better able to secure forever homes!

Jill (dog on right) is a Seminole County Animal Services Alumni. She sought refuge during the numerous hurricanes a few years back and with the shelter’s help found her way to our family. Check out our adoptable animals at: www.seminolecountyadoptions.petfinder.com

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