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I belong to a world-wide community of model horse hobbyists and artists, though I am neither. They’re amazing people and are always striving to do for others, which is how I found them in the first place. While I was figuring out if I could bring Cass home, there was a young boy who was working to help make it so. He painted resin frogs and sent the money raised in her name. The hope was to keep her from slaughter.

We all know the mountains moved to get Cass here and she has made my life complete. I am forever grateful to her original guardian angel, Stephen.

Stephen’s mother, Janice,  is a founding member of The International Blessed Broodmare Project http://theinternationalblessedbroodmareproject.com/ which consists of artists, model horse hobbyists and horse lovers from around the world. Chatting with this group has become part of my daily life ever since Cass stepped foot on the truck to begin her journey to Florida. We share joy, sadness, success, frustration and oftentimes ask for advice and guidance. Lately the talk has turned to how to help those affected by the disaster in Japan.

Wa-la! The 500 Frogs Project was born!

The idea is simple – bring some love to Japanese children who have lost so much. We had the goal of 500 resin frogs being painted and sent over to school children. Well, just in the few days this project has been in existence 600 are already ordered! We would like groups of girl scouts, boy scouts, art classes, horse barns, senior centers – anywhere there are groups of people wanting to help – to paint the frogs. Once frogs are finished and sent back to our founder, Deb Buckler, they will then be shipped to children in Japan. Sounds easy and fun, right?!


The frogs need to be sent out to the painters at a minimum of 5 to a box. (You can order however many above that you want.) We WILL need some monetary help with casting and shipping 500+ frogs all over the world. Each frog will cost around $3. Include the total for your number of frogs ordered. Those who would like to sponsor frogs for others to paint are welcome, as well! Please send a brief introduction letter describing your group or yourself. She’s hoping to start shipping finished frogs by the end of April in groups of 100. The outpouring of love and support from those in the horse hobby has already been overwhelming. Won’t you join us?

Send monies thru Paypal to Deb’s e-mail addy:

gotrandy@tcsn.net and mark it “Frogs”.

Here are some examples of the fine work Stephen did for our Cass. This is the unfinished frog.

We want all painters to sign and date the back of their frogs. Something such as, “Love Julie, Georgia USA” or “Peace to you, Tom, Australia” . A Sharpie marker works well. You don’t need to be an accomplished artist to participate. If you have the desire then let your creativity sing! I can send detailed instructions from a real artist (I’m certainly not) as to prepping and painting these guys and the best paints to use.

We feel frogs as a symbol of our caring and love for the Japanese people is appropriate in the aftermath of the disaster. Twenty-seven species of frog are found in Japan. Due to an agricultural economy based on the flooded rice paddy, the presence of frogs is considered to bring good fortune. Additionally, the frog has become a creature much beloved in poetry and art. Ceramic frogs are often sold at shrines as the Japanese word for ‘frog’ is the same as ‘to return’.

It will takes years for their country and their lives to return to any amount of normalcy. We hope a little frog, carried in a pocket or kept safely on a shelf, will bring a little compassion and hope to a child.

If you’d like to join in our discussion about horses, art or just about anything, you can find us here:


One of my most precious things was crafted by a couple of artists in this special group. That’s my girl! Now… let’s get to painting!

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