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Gayle and Therese took advantage of a picture perfect Florida day to take Sam and Tanner trail riding.

The girls and I were left behind this time but it’s not gonna stay that way for long. We’re getting closer and closer to taking a ride ourselves.

Cass was begging me to bring her out with the boys but it just wasn’t a good day for a walkabout.

It didn’t take long for Becca to come see what Cass and I were discussing. Nothing can get past this girl.

My girl was breaking my heart!

Her breathtaking beauty is enough to break my heart, but I can barely stand it when she’s acting all forlorn and pouty.

I decided to spice things up a bit. We couldn’t go out with the boys but we could have some fun in the pasture!

WHOO HOO!!!!! GO CASS, GO!!!!!!

My big girl can move when she wants to! (These may very well be the first action shots ever seen of my girls.)

Becca joins in quickly and it’s ON!

Becca’s long legs gave her the advantage over her mother.

They only rested for a moment then the races began again, this time Cass back in the lead.

Dang it! Becca blew past again. Well, she was born on Preakness Day.

Any rules that say a Fjordhorse can’t be a racehorse?

Cass has always told Becca she can be whatever she wants to be!

Uh, oh… she notices her barn mates trotting by.

Looks like they’ve picked up some friends out on the trail.

Terri and Monet joined in on the ride. It was so good to see them all out together.

Our neighbor, Richard, was also out enjoying the day atop one of his steeds.

Do my girls live in a great place or what?! We are truly blessed. YIPPEE YAY AYE!!!

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