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We Welcome Our Third Year

Let’s enjoy the beauty of our girls, shall we? When I’m out with the camera Cass is always following right along so it’s tough to get shots of her when she’s right in my face.

It’s not easy to hold the camera and hug her big head at the same time.

Ms. Becca was feeling feisty this day. She’s been testing out her powers of “mareness” lately to see who she can push around. She’ll be turning 3 in May so I suppose I’m now dealing with a teenager. How fortunate we are to have every moment of her life documented in one way or another.

She notices Tanner and decides to see if she can get him to move.

Didn’t work. Dang it! Then she considers trying me… Yes, she’s pinning her ears but I pinned mine right back at her!

Look at her lovely tail. I could brush their tails all day long and never tire of it. That’s Sam to the left. He and Becca enjoy pestering one another. They’re the youngsters of the herd.

Cass has never been able to see one of her babies grow up so this is a new experience for all of us. I’ve been told I need to start separating them some so I don’t have problems later. Becca does get upset when I take Cass off property for our walks. They can become what’s called “herd bound” so she needs to begin getting some independence. She thinks she’s a big girl but is really still a baby.

Eva is usually not far from me when we’re “at work”. She loves going to work. Sometimes she has to be patient and wait in the safety of the barn when I doing something out in the pasture. Her eyes never leave me. She’s a great partner and it’s good my girls are all comfortable together.

If I didn’t have voice control and a strong relationship with this dog it wouldn’t be safe at all. A horse can kill a dog with one kick. Eva and I have worked hard our nearly 4 years together. That work’s been worth it for we both can depend on the other, sometimes without even saying anything. She just knows what she needs to do. Life is good.

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