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This is cheating, it was our first Christmas photo together a couple years ago but it sends out our message of good cheer and peace on Earth… btw, Santa Is Real!


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Our long-time friend, John, came to visit a couple weeks ago. He needed to de-stress and what better way to do that than to shovel horse poo? Spending time at the barn can put you back in touch with yourself.

He made fast friends with everyone… Gayle & Sam schmoozing.

In between barn chores Tanner decided John was cool enough to give a ride, Sam just had to supervise as he does most things!

Therese and Tanner were happy to share. If you look close you can see Sam is still trying to supervise. John looks pretty comfy up there, don’t ya think? Maybe he needs his own 4-legged, 1,000 pound therapist?

John was anxious to meet the horse he’d been hearing so much about, JayBird. Terri and JB’s new best friend, Skipper, were on hand to make the introductions.

When we approached JB headed back out to his big pasture but his curiosity soon took over. JP (John P.) stood patiently at the gate.

Skipper decided to show JB people really aren’t so bad… They give good kisses.

They’re really good at scratching that just… so… itchy… spot. The longer the nose, the better the scratching!

People are easy to figure out, you know if you have one you can trust or not…

You can even tell some your secrets!

JB was listening to Skipper. The fact he felt comfortable enough to approach us on his own like this was wonderful! He’s learning, he’s taking baby steps and Terri is giving him all the time he needs.

Roscoe was hanging with us, too, looking cute as always.

We let the boys get back to being horses… Skipper has been a tremendous amount of help in building JB’s trust and confidence. We think he’s the first friend JB’s ever had.

He’s looking and feeling better every day 🙂

Since we were so close, we took the chance to visit Maybelline and the other cows who used to live with us. She’s still just as sweet as ever!

Snuffy the mini bull has been keeping himself busy, all the ladies are expecting again.

Scarlett and Irlene with the baby girl…

and here’s the last baby boy. They’ll be moving onto new homes soon – pet homes!

When we walked up from the cow pasture, the boys were waiting for us. It’s so cool to see JB being curious about us!

It was wonderful to see John after so many years. Thanks to Facebook we found each other again, crazy as that is! He knew me before I had any animals, 20+ years ago.

Scottie was able to join us for dinner. Lots of laughing and goofing off. This is how we ended up, impromptu karaoke in Gayle’s shower… don’t ask. Hope to see you again soon, JP!

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