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Cass Starts School

Cass and I had a talk. I asked if she would allow me to ride her someday. She thought about if for awhile and said she would like it if we learned to ride. There had to be a few stipulations, though. She said she would be ok working with the “whispering guy” (I think she meant Gary) and that we need to take things in her own pace. I agreed. She also asked to narrate this blog entry, so here’s Cass…

Gary understands me and thinks I’m pretty.

This flexing isn’t so tough. I’m just looking back cuz I know you have a cookie!

Hey, Bub! Where’s that cookie? I can flex already.

What the heck is THAT THING?!?!?!?!?! Don’t be thinking you’re gonna touch me with that… I can move this big bod really fast when I want…

Oh, ok. No big deal. Can you scratch me right there? Yep, down just a bit. I could’ve just told you I’m 13.2 hands – and NO I’m not a pony – I’m a FJORD!

You know, I’m supposed to be concentrating in school and there’s all this stuff going on… not to mention noise. You say that’s good? I don’t think so, I like quiet.

Miss Terri is crazy sitting on that green monster! It’s eating furniture! Roscoe’d better get outta the way!

Guys are putting up fences – that’s making Sam & Becca mad. They can’t get over here to me.

Now what are putting on me, Gary? I thought I was gonna be carrying my mom around not weird stuff?!

That blue tarp is making noises, Gary…

Ok, I’ll walk but I’m listening to that thing.

Gracious! Now Mom’s putting that blue thing on me… sigh.

Oh, that’s all it is. Are we about ready for recess?


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