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Cass Starts School

Cass and I had a talk. I asked if she would allow me to ride her someday. She thought about if for awhile and said she would like it if we learned to ride. There had to be a few stipulations, though. She said she would be ok working with the “whispering guy” (I think she meant Gary) and that we need to take things in her own pace. I agreed. She also asked to narrate this blog entry, so here’s Cass…

Gary understands me and thinks I’m pretty.

This flexing isn’t so tough. I’m just looking back cuz I know you have a cookie!

Hey, Bub! Where’s that cookie? I can flex already.

What the heck is THAT THING?!?!?!?!?! Don’t be thinking you’re gonna touch me with that… I can move this big bod really fast when I want…

Oh, ok. No big deal. Can you scratch me right there? Yep, down just a bit. I could’ve just told you I’m 13.2 hands – and NO I’m not a pony – I’m a FJORD!

You know, I’m supposed to be concentrating in school and there’s all this stuff going on… not to mention noise. You say that’s good? I don’t think so, I like quiet.

Miss Terri is crazy sitting on that green monster! It’s eating furniture! Roscoe’d better get outta the way!

Guys are putting up fences – that’s making Sam & Becca mad. They can’t get over here to me.

Now what are putting on me, Gary? I thought I was gonna be carrying my mom around not weird stuff?!

That blue tarp is making noises, Gary…

Ok, I’ll walk but I’m listening to that thing.

Gracious! Now Mom’s putting that blue thing on me… sigh.

Oh, that’s all it is. Are we about ready for recess?


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Welcome To Your Life

JayBird has been in his foster home for the past few weeks. He, Gary and Terri continue to work together and he’s even getting brave enough to have started relationships with others. JayBird is well on his way to a complete recovery but here’s how the first day of the rest of his life began…

As promised, Gary was with him from start to finish. He loaded him into the trailer with no problems at the shelter but was having to try to convince him it was ok to come out.

“You’re going to do what with my balls?!” You know the poor boy heard us all talking. Terri is promising him things really will be alright. JayBird doesn’t know it but he’s won the lottery for horses. There’s no better place to recuperate and recover from a not-so-good life.

Gary and Dr. Batchelor prepare him for the first injection of loopy juice. Soon he’ll be feeling no pain.

It’s not easy to watch a horse’s legs buckle and have them go down. Gayle actually left because she got too upset and didn’t want to make him nervous. Gelding this boy was not a question – it had to be done for him to have a chance at a good life.

After sanitizing the area it was time to get to “snipping”. His leg is tied up to his other leg to keep it out of the way.

Both testicles were out quicker than we could even blink! The boys will love this… they are pulled out of the sack so the ligaments will stretch and sort of crush upon themselves, makes for less bleeding than simply straight cutting them. This contraption is crushing things even more. Ouch!

JayBird (or JB as he’s now being called) is wondering what truck just ran him over. The life of a stallion is a lonely, solitary one and this boy definitely needs the reassurance of a herd to help him become the horse he’s meant to be.

Gary never left his side as we waited for the anesthesia to wear off. We couldn’t allow him to jump up too quickly and injure himself. How blessed we all are that Gary has befriended this boy.

JB finally makes it up onto shaky legs but his best friend is right there. Now we have a long walk to his very own pasture, in between the barn and the herd of mini cows. Life will be good, little one, we promise.

The worst is over. JB can replace his bad memories with all the good ones he’s about to make. We know there’s a special family out there needing his love as much as he needs theirs.

Welcome to your life, little one!

None of this would have been possible without the efforts of the following:

Seminole County Animal Services

Gary Adams (Bobbie Millers Training Center)

Dr. Batchelor (Central Florida Equine Hospital)

Mary Beth & the shelter staff, Terri B., Jan, Gayle, Therese, The Traveling Circus Ladies and everyone sending prayers his way.

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