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It’s Not A Party…

until a lemur jumps on your head! I believe that’s gonna be my new motto.

Today is Halloween but more importantly it’s also Gayle’s birthday. She’s able to turn people into frogs on her birthday so in order to keep her happy and keep from turning into frogs – we had an impromptu party at the barn! There was food and drink (even though it was only 9am!) and unexpected friends stopping by with well wishes. Fern brought the much anticipated gift of the Sam painting…

The painting was a surprise by the Traveling Circus Ladies. Sam thinks he looks pretty cool and I have to agree. Beautiful job!

Even though it’s Gayle’s day, some party-goers definitely stole her spotlight. Leslie brought her new babies, Liam…

the Ringtail Lemur and Kiwi the Kinkajou HoneyBear! Have you ever seen anything cuter?!

Scottie even just “happened” to stop by to see his horses today.

Chris had no idea this was going to happen today. The baby is eating a marshmallow – whole!

Jan gets her turn in the aura of awesomeness that is known as the Kinkajou.

Kiwi was the social butterfly but Liam stayed close to his momma. I think he’d heard about the frog-changing powers and didn’t want to risk it. Life is much cooler as a leaping Lemur!

Yep, falling in love again.

Gayle – gaze into my eyes, deeper, deeper, D-E-E-P-E-R!… I will turn YOU into a frog!

(Got distracted by all the cuteness!) A good time was had by all. Gayle was very surprised. We snacked and drank and talked and laughed. We are all blessed to be part of each others lives. We visited with the rescue horse, JayBird. He’s doing well and I’ll update his story soon. As you all go out for Halloween tonight – keep in mind the new motto – it’s not a party till a lemur jumps on your head!

The End!

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