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Gary worked more magic on JayBird today. He got to the shelter about 15 minutes before me and this is what I saw when I pulled up!

He was standing quietly, closely and then I noticed…

He’s touching him! This little brown horse who’s been so terrified he hasn’t let anyone near, is allowing Gary to touch him. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Miss Terri and her sister, Jan, came to meet JayBird and Gary. They’ll be his primary caretakers once he’s moved. This horse has no idea he’s about to walk right into Horse Heaven! He’s going to be such a cool guy. I feel simply giddy over the outpouring of love this boy’s getting.

Terri and JayBird shared some whispers meant for only their ears. They shared some tears, too. I have a feeling they’re gonna be good friends 🙂


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