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My Hen Friends

Recently I became friends with a glorious clutch of chickens. They required my services while their landlords were traveling. They have a fancy and sprawling chicken condo that is completely bear-proof. That’s a must have where they live! They have the cutest conversations and love getting their special snack before bedtime – bologna & crackers!

They’re gracious enough to allow me to have their eggs while I’m there and they are, without a doubt, the tastiest eggs we’ve ever eaten. It goes to show that happy chickens make happy eggs. 🙂

These little ladies are a big part of the landlords family. What started as a daughters 4-H project became the father’s hobby. It’s a lucky chick that gets to be part of their gaggle. They even give them a respectful place of rest when their time has come – these girls do not get eaten, no way!

I love it when I hear I get to see “the girls” again and hope to continue doing so for a long time. It’s ironic how I had a deathly fear of chickens when I was a little girl. The ones I remember from my grandparents farm weren’t so nice.

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