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Various Musings

Have a collection of photos taken lately that haven’t got on here, so…

I cut several inches off Cass’s forelock, which Beatle do you think she resembles? Moptop all the way!

“And when you’re with me I feel happy inside… it’s just a feeling that my love… I can’t hide! I can’t hide!”

“I wanna hold your hand… I wanna hold your hand!”

When Vince trimmed Tanner’s hooves he was just the best behaved horse you could ask for… look at that face. No one’s even holding him nor is he tied. That’s a good boy!

Scottie’s old cattledog, Barby, asleep on the couch. See the tongue? She’s no longer allowed to sleep in the bedroom with us because she started growling at me in the middle of the night! Unappreciative, huh, and I saved her sorry butt!

Here’s our littlest Hoo, CindyLou. Yes, she’s actually sitting on the other dog. Kaley was sound asleep and didn’t even know she was there. Cindy likes to show her dominance by sitting on the others. It’s about all she can do because she’s so tiny. She is entertaining, that’s for sure.

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