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Can Horses Date?

To say we’ve had an exciting week is quite the understatement. We quickly went from our little female herd of horses and donkeys to having 2 handsome boy horses move in! Cass said, “WHOOHOO!” Becca wasn’t sure what to think. Sam moved in first and we kept him separated from Becca and Cass by rotating them in and out of the small pasture.

It didn’t help much, though. The bonding was immediate and the outrageous flirting was in full swing through the gate! I hate to say it but my girls are floosies!

Tanner joined us on thursday. Gayle (Sam’s mom) and I had been worrying ourselves silly creating all sorts of scenarios with big fights and lots of kicking. It really is ridiculous to worry about something that’s not even happened, yet. We should have had more faith in our horses. When Tanner stepped off the trailer he looked around…(that’s his mom, Therese)…

Is he gorgeous or what?!

We had the girls safely in the barn so the boys could meet without interruptions. Tanner noticed Sam and waltzed over to say hello.

Gayle and Therese anxiously await the fireworks…

… none came so they swung the gate open to really see what would happen.

Instead of puffing out their chests and showing just who was the man…they began grooming each other!

Sam happily showed Tanner all around the pasture and barn.

We’d planned on not letting the girls get close the first day but it was going so smoothly, we thought, what the heck? I opened Cass’ stall door and she came strutting out like I’ve never seen before. Becca was close behind and she quickly went up to Sam for a real face to face meeting. When Sam started sniffing where she didn’t want Becca twirled around and gave him a kick.

They all chased around for a few minutes but there was no aggression being seriously shown by anyone.

Ring around the horsey…

After just a few minutes all were peacefully doing what a herd of horses is supposed to do. This could very well be the quickest herd mingling ever and with no injuries!

To allow them all some rest, we put the boys in the small pasture for the night. This was when Cass posed the question, “can we date?”

I sure understand a bit of what my mom must have felt when all her teenage girls began dating. Once Sam came into the picture Cass hasn’t had much time for me. It broke my heart a little but it’s also comforting to see her being a horse. I forget sometimes that in her former life she lived in a large herd and had very little human contact.

The dynamics of CassidyLand have changed a bit but I think everything’s gonna be just fine.

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