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Cass Does Talk To Me

There have been a few changes since the last post. We had some trouble with trespassers on the property. I don’t know the details as it happened around midnight but some people were arrested. All the animals were unharmed, slightly freaked out but unharmed. So, Maybelline and the rest of the cows have been moved to the main property. They’re on a lot more acreage and are no longer in sight from the road. Cass, Becca and the donkeys now have the whole 5 acres to themselves. I think most of the flies left with the cows so Cass is getting some relief in that area. We’re still trying to get her bug allergies under control.

This morning I witnessed something true and unexpected. I finished my chores and decided to work on one of my assignments with Becca, walking out on the road. I’ve done this several times with Cass but never with Becca. So, I haltered her up, left Cass leisurely chomping hay in her stall and headed out the gate. Becca was an unsure as I was as soon as we walked out. She snagged a few bites of greener grass (on the other side) but all her senses were at attention. She looked much bigger to me when standing on the driveway for some reason. A truck drove by and smiled at us. We waited for him to get further down the road and walked our way to the edge. Becca started snorting and toe tapping a bit and I got scared so we just touched the road and turned around and went back into our pasture. I knew better than to try something like that if I wasn’t confident. I let her off the halter and she ran off around the barn to join the donkeys.

When I entered the barn Cass whinnied at me and I thought she was just ready to come out. I needed to do some grooming to her mane so I haltered her and led her just outside the barn door. This is when the surprise begins. She let out such a long and serious whinny her jaw seemed to be moving in slow motion. It was directed to Becca, we couldn’t see her from where we were standing. I assured her she was ok and we walked a few steps to get her in our sight. Cass then gave her a low call and Becca answered back. She then slowly walked to us and mother and daughter lovingly nuzzled one another. It was an extremely touching moment. I finished up Cass’s mane then walked her back in to fly spray her. When I let her off her halter she walked over to Becca and they literally hugged one another.

Cass loves her daughter. Becca’s the only baby she’s been able to keep. I thought she was indifferent about her and the attachment was much more from Becca to Cass. Guess I was wrong. I’m glad she told me that today. I will keep the precious memory of this morning’s love always.

(Mother’s love, baby Becca just days old…)

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