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A day late, but here are Becca’s birthday pics. Enjoy!

Being greeted at the gate but they got distracted by something. Fly masks are essential right now, especially for Cass. She’s on the left with the braid. Becca on the right.

There’s that face!

Cass wondering why the gate’s not open so she can trot to the barn for dinner…

The stunning Fjord neck is certainly coming out now in Becca.

She’s got a lovely and kind eye.

Am I simply seeing her through a mother’s eye or is she just gorgeous?!

Yep, gorgeous!

This must be her good side as it’s the one she always gives me when the camera’s out.

Of course, our 2-year old wouldn’t be who she is without her stunning mother…decked out in her breast cancer pink.

Cass was getting impatient to eat. This angle is freaky looking!

Wow! Her nose does look huge…

“Do I have to get my food myself? C’mon now!”

“I’ll just scratch while I wait…”

Becca is the only baby Cass has ever seen grow up. She’s at least her 4th and definitely her last! Happy Birthday Girls 🙂

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