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Two Years Old

Our baby girl is two years old today. She came from Canada to Florida in the belly of her momma. They rode 3,000 miles in a semi with 20 other pregnant mares who were twice Cass’s size. It was 50 below zero when they left Alberta. The trip took 5 days and I’m certain both were scared. Becca was supposed to be born in the stall so all the world could see on the internet. She and her momma had other ideas, though, and she was born in the pasture with the smallest of audiences. Her birth was so easy I had to break the sac off her nose so she could get her first breath of air. That moment is precious and only mine.

(Trying to get her to nurse for the first time wasn’t easy. Once she got it, she got it!)

Becca is becoming a horse, no longer a baby. Sometimes I’m not sure which girl it is at the fence until I take a long look. She is smart, confident, loving, inquisitive and beautiful. She and her mother have a tight bond and she’s the protector over all the other animals. Our baby girl is now two.

(Becca came out of the womb with this zest for life and attitude. It will serve her well. She found her legs quickly.)

Happy Birthday Rebecca Maye!

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