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This little man will turn one week old tomorrow. We weren’t sure if the other two lady cows were pregnant or not but here’s proof!

Scarlett is the herd leader so I have been extra respectful of her space and letting her dictate how comfortable she is with me around Rhett. She is allowing me to pet him often and trusts I won’t hurt him. He’s brave and even starts chasing after me – it’s too cute!

These cows are living the lives all cows should. They have a beautiful and safe home, get fed good groceries on a schedule and are free to roam around at will. As a reminder, I am simply their caretaker not owner. They are gracious to allow my girls to share their home and in return I make sure they all eat.

He’s still trying to figure out all his parts. Finding his legs was fun! These baby cows grow fast. He’ll be big and strong in no time and he has a good mother keeping him safe.

Hello World! I”m Rhett Bull 🙂

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