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I’ve been fine-tuning things for the past couple months. We are now in a good groove and my girls make me look like I’m such a good trainer! Every morning I’m greeted at the front gate by Becca and usually a cow or two and the donks. Cass is always waiting at the barn gate. I open the gate and we all walk into the barn together. I hurry and put Eva (the cattledog) in the empty stall and then I open Cass’s stall for her. She’s always standing quietly waiting.

Becca tends to dawdle a bit so I get the donkeys food and they skip with me to their stall. They follow me in and eat their breakfast.

Sometimes they have a visitor who tries to horn in on the grub! That’s the dangers of having your own donkey door, you can get out when you want but those small enough can come in when they want.

By this time, Becca is usually fiddling with things she shouldn’t in the front of the barn. I ask her to walk to her stall and usually she does. Sometimes I have to guide her with the whip but when she realizes there’s hay waiting she’s in. Because of her desire to kick everything around with her front feet I start off with her hay in a bag…it still all ends up on the ground.

What does she see across the aisle?

Yummy! I always like having more than enough for them to eat.

With the big guys in their stalls, I let Eva out so she can assist me in the rest of the feeding. The girls munch on hay while I feed the cows. Then it’s their turn and they waste no time in devouring every bite. I bring Cass a bucket of water and she usually drinks it before I can even set it down. Becca doesn’t go through hers nearly as fast.

Becca & Cass hang in their stalls while I go about my chores. This keeps them away from the bugs and gives them a little rest. In the next few days we’ll be getting fans hung up to blow directly into each stall. It’s already horribly hot here. My girls are cold-weather horses so our heat and humidity is tough for them. When it’s time for them to go back out I groom and fly spray them and put their fly masks on. Cass doesn’t seem like she’d need one, does she? It’s more for her ears, she’s allergic to the bugs so we’re trying hard to keep her comfy.

These tails are professional fly swatters! Cass’s reaches to the ground. I have to keep it slightly trimmed so she doesn’t step on it.

Becca’s as long as her momma’s. Not quite as thick, yet. Hard to imagine when she barely had a little tail…just about time for her 2nd birthday!

They spend the day in the small pasture so they can get in the shed under the fan when they need to. Every night when I drive up for dinner, Cass is always standing under the fan. She’s a smart one. Life is good.

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