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Our great and powerful veterinarian, Dr. Rick, battled with Dixxy’s dental dejects and won! The poor girl was a mess. One abscess had begun to work it’s way out of the front of her face. She had several broken teeth with roots dangling and just the pulp exposed. The girl had to be feeling massive amounts of pain. He pulled a total of 10 teeth after working on her for over 2 hours. She had to lose both upper canines but the bottom ones were ok. If we’d lost those, too, her tongue would be permanently hanging out. She was sneezing up blood a good part of the night but she already feels much better. We’ll be continuing the heavy-duty antibiotics.

Her orthopedic worries are much more than simple age-related arthritis. In fact, he thinks she’s only around 10 years old. Dr. Rick also thinks she has the equivalent of rheumatoid arthritis, every joint is affected except her hips. All of us viewing the x-rays cringed in pain as we saw all the inflammation and creaky edges of bone that are supposed to be smooth. The body tries to heal itself and make up for any instabilities. Her spine has attempted to do just that. Each vertebrae has formed a bridge to the next in an attempt to further protect the spinal cord from damage. All the doctors felt it’s unreal she can walk at all, much less sprint across the yard. Remember, this is one tough broad. Dixxy’s range of motion in her wrists, ankles and knees is severely limited. That, along with the swelling, is why she resembles a bulldog in her conformation. Her attitude is amazing. She’s happy, she’s joyful at every little thing and that’s with being in a tremendous amount of pain. So, we work on giving her pain relief. Usually we start off with the basics of pain care but in Dixxy’s case we have to start by throwing everything at her. Her plan includes diet, supplements, drugs, acupuncture and hydrotherapy. I’ll be administering one of the drugs at home to save costs. It’s called Adequan and it’s shown great results with injured race horses for many years. It can actually repair joints. The dog world has been using it and seeing great results, too. We’ll start off with 2 injections per week for a couple months and then go to once monthly for potentially the rest of her life.

She’s sporting a cute, pink bandage on her back left foot. The growth that was there was removed during the dental surgery. Dr. Rick first did a needle aspirate to determine if there were any cancerous cells but all he got was blood. The location and size of the growth dictated removing it since she was already under sedation. Let’s all pray the lab tests come back showing it’s benign. Dixxy is also hypothyroid – meaning her thyroid doesn’t function properly. This makes them feel sluggish, itchy, thirsty, etc. That’ll be the easiest problem to get back on track. Thankfully, the meds for that are cheap. So, all in all, Dixxy Blü’s a trainwreck but no sweeter dog deserved our help. She’s got a fantastic team in her corner.

Red Jöölz went along with her mother (we all feel that’s their relationship) to meet the great and powerful Dr. Rick. She worked him just like I told her and immediately climbed in his lap and started kissing. She has a strange gait and I wanted him to do an orthopedic check on her and pull some bloodwork. In comparison, Jöölz is the picture of health – she’s probably hypothyroid, too, but he couldn’t find much else to worry abut. Her hips and pelvis were ok. She also has a simple joy about her and it’s infectious. She makes everyone smile.

I have no idea what our bill was from yesterday. I left with them after hours so the computers were already shut down. We’ve already gotten some generous donations from fans and we thank you deeply for that. Dixxy’s got a tough road ahead of her but she’ll walk it as pain free as possible. Please keep these sweethearts in your prayers. 🙂

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