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Barby, our elder cattledog, accompanied Scottie to the barn the other day. Becca’s used to seeing Eva everyday so meeting another dog was no big deal.

Barby requested he never bring her there again! As soon as we let her off leash she made a beeline for the gate.

When Dr. Roberts came out to do Becca’s dental, she was able to get a good look at Maybelline’s injuries. She’s as perplexed as we are as to what happened. Is this just the best cow, or what?!

This shows how the inside digits on her back hooves were literally broken in half.

These are not the weight bearing toes so it’s not really plausible she did it herself with some type of quick movement. She was very sore  and limping until the pieces broke all the way off.

During the exam, the onlookers show their support and concern.

Maybelline is no longer limping. I’m keeping a close watch on her to show any signs of infection, but so far so good. She’s also off the pain meds, which is good. Sure wish we knew what happened that night. We’re fairly sure “it” was scared off by our bravest girl, Becca. Ever since she’s shown a new dominant air and the cows are showing her respect. I wouldn’t want her whomping up on me!

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