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Happy Anniversary To Us!

This marks the 2 year anniversary of my girl making her trek from Canada to sunny Florida. So many things have changed. I’ve changed. Our family has changed. She’s certainly changed and Becca just keeps growing. When we started out both Cass & I were terrified. I was dependent on everyone around me. Now, we confidently run our own little barn and care for cows, donkeys and even a lamb. We’ve weathered some terrible sadness and loss. Cass is always there for me whether I need to cry or laugh. Enjoy the beauty that is Cass and Becca.

Cass & I walking to the small pasture. See why I love her so much?

Cass doing what she does best.

Becca hanging out with Clementine & Mathilda.

Beautiful Becca…who needs a haircut.

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