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Cass does NOT have to have surgery to remove her ovary!!!!!! WHOOHOO!!! Finally, something good comes to our little family. To catch you up, back in July she began exhibiting strange behaviors, stallion-like behaviors. We had an ultrasound done and her left ovary was very abnormal and large. Over the course of the rest of the year, we did blood tests, more ultrasounds, used drugs to stop her cycles, used Chinese herbs to stop her cycles, had to separate her from Becca at certain times and were basically very worried about the health of our girl. We were suspicious the mass on her ovary was a granulosa theca cell tumor with removal being the only cure. That would mean taking Cass to Gainesville for surgery. Sure didn’t want to do that, but we would have. We discussed with the surgeon if it would be ok to wait until January and she said yes, since it’s a slow growing tumor. She’d been emailed all the records and ultrasound pics and was also convinced our girl needed her ovary removed.

So, Dr. Roberts came out yesterday to do one last ultrasound before scheduling her surgery. Well…the mass is just gone! Her left and right ovaries look exactly the same. They are the same size. Isn’t that amazing?! The guess is that the mass wasn’t a tumor but a cyst that had finally burst or what’s called an unresolved follicle, which finally got expelled. Those things had been considered but her behaviors (humping Becca) all pointed to the tumor. We are so relieved and happy. I can only guess the power of prayer really does work sometimes. We certainly have lots of angels looking out for us now.

I have to admit with all that’s been going on (the illnesses, the losses) sweet, little Becca has been getting ignored. She’ll turn 2 in May and I really need to start some serious work. It’s been impossible to find the time or inspiration, though. She has such huge potential, I cannot let her simply be a pasture ornament. Cass is happy to have being beautiful her only job, but Becca wants to do more. So, we’re gonna get started on teaching this baby to be an awesome trail horse. You can see from her latest picture how big she has gotten. I’m 5’6″ and fear I’m gonna need a ladder to get on her when she’s finished growing. Fjords grow until age 5 or 6!  (Daddy Marvin update: he got gelded and is healing beautifully. Everyone who meets him falls under his spell.)

We are coming up on the 2 year anniversary of Cass joining our family. It still boggles my mind that we actually pulled her rescue off and she’s really ours. Wow! Life is ever changing. I learn something new every, single day thanks to these girls. They are my Heaven.

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