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We Had A Cow, Man!

We ended 2009 amidst sorrow, pain and loss. We have begun 2010 with life anew. Maybelline (the world’s most awesome cow) gave birth to a healthy little bull this week. We’ve had terribly cold weather and each night I would beg her to please hold him in until the cold snap passed. She waited until noon one day to pop him out! Terri actually laid on the ground beside her as she was giving birth. What other cow would let you do that?! We helped wipe him off ’cause he sure got a surprise coming out of that warm belly to our 40 degrees or so. He is her first baby and she’s being an excellent mother. We are all so proud.

This is the orphaned lamb who’s residing with us. We’re hoping she and the new baby will be buds. The goats were mean to her but now they live on the main property. She hangs mostly with Snuffy or Cass.

Meet Bobby Lee Bull – named in celebration of my Dad.

“Yeah! I’m not the littlest anymore!”, so says Little Mary Lambchop.

These photos were taken a mere 6 hours after Bobby Lee was born. Momma certainly deserves a rest.

“Awww, Mom, do ya hafta?”, says Bobby Lee.

A mother’s love is pure and good.

You did so good, Momma. I love this cow!

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