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Becca’s wondering what I’m planning…just some pics little one. You can see that fjord neck really starting to form now. We’re slowly getting back into training and had our first lesson yesterday. Becca tried to act like she didn’t remember but she really did. She’s so smart, it’s scary. After a few minutes running in the round pen, she was enjoying it. She wants to work. Hanging out with her momma is pretty boring. With the help of our trainer, Leslie, we reinforced Becca’s back-up (and get out of my space!) signal. She will move back with a simple wag of my finger from side to side. I’ve just been letting her push me around and that’s got to stop. She’s going to be far too big for any silliness. She was dripping wet after our lesson but the lesson had to continue when I tried to hose her off. She decided she didn’t want to stand still and our teacher got onto both of us about it. Oops! We did better then. Put the girls to bed early and called it a day.

Momma Cass always knows what I’m doing. She’s always keeping at least one eye on me at all times, probably to see if a treat could be coming.

Becca decides mom’s hay in the shed must taste better. Let’s see, yummm, yep, it’s better!

They share, as usual. Can you tell who is who? Becca is now taller than Momma. Becca’s on the right.

They really do lift their heads up off the ground every once in a while.

It’s not often, but they do. See how much taller Becca is? Now she’s on the left.

Happiness is hay under the fan. (Note: the shed isn’t crooked, my picture taking was.)

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