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Missing Monica

Two gone in one week.

She came to us a beaten and broken nine month old dog, who only wanted one thing – her babies. Their birth was not to be, as they had to be sacrificed to save her life. Monica graced us for fifteen years before leaving Thanksgiving weekend. She was the ultimate babysitter for many foster puppies over the years. She never demanded anything and was always a lady. She is now free to be with the babies she never forgot. We love you fritter-girl.

Click below to hear her final song.

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Farewell To Nellie

We’ve said goodbye to the second dog this month. Nellie was used as a breeder in a puppymill for ten years before coming to live with us. Her legacy is to teach people they should never buy a puppy from a pet store, and thanks to her documentary on YouTube (click here to view it), over 46,000 people have gotten that message.

Click below to hear her final song.

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Becca’s wondering what I’m planning…just some pics little one. You can see that fjord neck really starting to form now. We’re slowly getting back into training and had our first lesson yesterday. Becca tried to act like she didn’t remember but she really did. She’s so smart, it’s scary. After a few minutes running in the round pen, she was enjoying it. She wants to work. Hanging out with her momma is pretty boring. With the help of our trainer, Leslie, we reinforced Becca’s back-up (and get out of my space!) signal. She will move back with a simple wag of my finger from side to side. I’ve just been letting her push me around and that’s got to stop. She’s going to be far too big for any silliness. She was dripping wet after our lesson but the lesson had to continue when I tried to hose her off. She decided she didn’t want to stand still and our teacher got onto both of us about it. Oops! We did better then. Put the girls to bed early and called it a day.

Momma Cass always knows what I’m doing. She’s always keeping at least one eye on me at all times, probably to see if a treat could be coming.

Becca decides mom’s hay in the shed must taste better. Let’s see, yummm, yep, it’s better!

They share, as usual. Can you tell who is who? Becca is now taller than Momma. Becca’s on the right.

They really do lift their heads up off the ground every once in a while.

It’s not often, but they do. See how much taller Becca is? Now she’s on the left.

Happiness is hay under the fan. (Note: the shed isn’t crooked, my picture taking was.)

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A Tale Of Two Stallions…

Chapter One – Who Will Be King?

Fordie (on the right in the teal halter) thinks he may give it a go. After all, he’s in a new place, new mares to impress, he’s feeling feisty.


Marvin (on the left in the pink halter) calmly assesses the situation.


Chapter Two – I’ll Show You Who’s King

Let’s put the young, whippersnapper in his place!


Wisdom will win out over youth, tough guy! Marvin has him running for cover…


There’s no safe place to be found! Marvin keeps on his tail…


And keeps on his tail…


Fordie is now rethinking his plan of being King.


Marvin never had any doubt as to the fact he, himself has been and WILL REMAIN – the King!


Chapter Four – Teach The Youngsters

The key to being a good leader is being strong, swift, fair, smart and calm. Marvin explains these things to Fordie.


A good resolution for all. It’s imperative to know your role in the family. May I introduce to you – King Marvin and Prince Fordie. 🙂


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Marvin Is Safe In Georgia

Marvin and friends have traveled over 2,300 miles in terrible weather but they made it to their safe haven this week. He was used for so many years in the PMU industry, he has babies all over Canada and the U.S. I hope he knows he can now retire to a life of love, leisure, care & respect. Our Marvin is 19 years old and appears to be in excellent shape. Can’t wait to meet him in person. This miracle couldn’t have happened without the support of Friends of Marvin, Heart of Dixie Equine Rescue and The International Blessed Broodmares Group – Bless you everyone!





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The Last Pookie Is Gone

Our beloved Sam lost his battle with bone cancer today. It is one month to the day since Frank passed. The Pookie Bros. are together again.


We chose a very special song for him. Click below to hear the music we played as he began his journey.

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We Have A Date!

Marvin, Fordie and the rest of the Alberta horses will be leaving on November 9th to begin the journey to their new home in Georgia! WHOOHOO!!!!! There is still funding needed for some of the other horses. There is one in particular I’d like to see get to his future momma, Susan. Dalton is a draft gelding on the ranch in North Dakota. He’s 4 years old and was actually bottle-fed as a baby. He has a home waiting for him in Miami with 3 other draft ladies if we can get him there. To make donations to Dalton, please visit http://www.theanimalifarm.com/. He’s listed in the “Upcoming Loads” section to Georgia.

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