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We Have Done It!

With your help, we have secured Marvin’s future. Your generosity and kindness in wanting to help buy the freedom of Becca’s daddy has been overwhelming. He will be shipping out soon (from Alberta, Canada) to his new adventures in Georgia at The Heart of Dixie Equine Rescue. Bless you all for your donations: Scottie Prince, Terri Barnhill, MaryBeth Lake, Terri Bryant, Julie Brant, Kim Sang, Bev McCartt, Michelle Duvall-Rubin, Don Holt, Debra Raho, Frances LiBrandi, Sheila Slavin, Tom Nowicki, Deb Halye, Patricia Behrman.

Marvin has two special angels on his side – Susan Boyd and Julie Barnes. Both these ladies are sacrificing to give Marvin, Fordie and several other horses a place to call home. We are all connected by our hearts now. It’s gonna be some crazy homecoming when we all actually meet! Love and blessings to you both.


For more information on how Marvin’s rescue came to be visit these sites:




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