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From our friends at Miracle Horse Rescue in Pahrump, NV:


Faith, our beloved Faith, has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She was found this morning all curled up like a puppy dog. No signs of any struggle. She died in her sleep. Last night she was fine, eating, drinking, pooping.

Tears are flowing for our sweet Faith. God, the tears are flowing.

This has been a very very rough day. Our hearts ache beyond belief.

Faith, my heart was so torn when I saw you standing in the snow in ND. My heart ached as you stepped off the trailer, thin and looking so worn out. I saw a light in your eyes, and by God I knew we had a chance to bring you back. We did, but it was not only the feed, it was the trust you gave to me…I will cherish every memory and every milestone we achieved together.

You were and will always be magnificent in my eyes. You presented all of us with a beautiful colt “Justice”. You taught him well to trust and to accept…thank you!

As Rob stated today “We strive to adopt these beautiful creatures to the best home, well…..Heaven Adopted Faith” What better home could she have?

We will miss you my dear dear friend and confidant, you listened well. I will love and care for your son to the best of my ability; if I need guidance I know I will hear your wuffles in my ear.

I love you Faith!!!

Stephanie and Rob

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