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Dear Friends,

Please help me save my Daddy! We got word that my daddy, Marvin, is in danger of being sent to auction by October 15th if he’s not “adopted” before then. This is exactly what was going to happen to my mommy and me when I was in her belly! You see, my daddy has lost his job, too, just like so many others. The ranch where he’s worked so hard keeping all the mares pregnant can’t afford to keep feeding him or Fordie (the other Fjord stallion). My daddy is currently in Alberta, Canada and they are running out of grass there. They’ve had no rain and so the hundreds of horses on these defunct PMU (Premarin, look it up) ranches will have nothing to eat once winter comes. They can’t afford to buy them hay because prices have gone crazy. So, the easiest thing for the ranchers to do is send all the horses off to what’s called an auction and try to get as much money out of them as they can. They don’t look at horses like you do, as a living, breathing, beautiful soul. They look at us as commodities only and if we’re costing money then we’ve got to go. I’ve heard people whisper about such places as auctions and it sure sounds horrible. A boy as big and beefy as my daddy would most certainly be bought by the pound and sent to slaughter. Sniff. Sniff.


We can’t let that happen! It didn’t happen to us and look at all the great things me and my mommy have done. We’re internet superstars, writers of a blog, magazine cover models and genuinely, sweet spokesmares for all horsey-kind. Not to mention, we’ve brought much joy and happiness to our parents, Scottie and Kathleen. I know my daddy, Marvin, has great potential and we have a wonderful home all ready for him. He can’t come live with us right now but a great lady in Georgia is going to take care of him for us. She has a friend of my mommy’s, Dixie Darling, who’s a huge Belgian horse. She has changed her life so much she’s starting her own horse rescue and sanctuary and she’s invited Marvin and Fordie to come live there! How great is that?!?!?!?!?!!!!!


Getting my daddy out of that place won’t be easy, but I know we can do it. We have to raise $1,500 to pay his ransom and get his ride from Canada to Georgia. Fordie is even more than that, I guess because he’s younger, but people are already trying to help him out. If we all pull together we can save this magnificent and deserving stallion – that’s what my mommy says about him, anyway 😉 You can’t deny I’ve got a great looking set of parents! I really want to meet my daddy someday and tell him about all my friends, and all the things I’ve learned, especially how to herd the goats. I know he’ll be proud of me. Will you please help me? Click on the “donate” button, any amount will help!

Thank you so much, you make me smile knowing together we can save my daddy!!!!!!!!!!!

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