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We’re All Getting Brave

Brought out the saddle this week. It was a semi-cool morning and everyone was in good moods so I thought I’d just see what would happen if I put the saddle on Cass & Becca. As per her usual, Becca sniffed it, looked at me while chewing some grass, I tossed it on her back and she didn’t flinch. She basically said, “so…what’s the big deal?” The treeless saddle I bought for training fits her perfectly now and she’s only 16 months old! It’s very light so there’s no harm in using it sparingly for getting her used to something being on her back. Cinching it will be the next step.



Becca even walked around with it on and was not phased in the least. Everyone keeps telling me she is going to be bomb-proof.


Momma Cass had to be reassured and convinced that strange thing wasn’t going to eat her. She was such a good girl despite being nervous and scared. I feel so honored that she does trust me. I spoke gently with her and would lightly rub the saddle on her neck and side, then back off. I’d let her sniff it again and do more rubbing. We did this for a while and she may have even had a cookie or two to really convince her things were fine. My big girl let the saddle be put on! She was unsure but she listened to me. She didn’t bolt or jump. I took it off and back on a few times before ending our session. She was not nearly as comfortable as her daughter but she did great. I believe a bigger saddle will need to be purchased for her if I do plan to really get on her. She’s got a long back. I know nothing about saddles so I’ll defer to experts when the time is right. But, for our training purposes, this one will do fine. I’m so proud of her!




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