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Who do you pink for? Cass & Becca got their new fly masks today. They’re not just any fly masks. Part of the proceeds go toward breast cancer research and they are adorable in the pink & gray motif, complete with pink ribbon on one side. Both girls were perfectly fine with me putting these strange things on them. Cass needed a bit of coaxing with a cookie but realized it was no biggie and how stylish she looked. Becca took it in stride like she does everything.



We pink in particular because two of our favorite people are breast cancer survivors. My sister, Peggy, was diagnosed in her early forty’s after beginning hormone therapy for early menopause. Isn’t it ironic, Cass was a byproduct of the hormone industry. Peggy has been cancer free now for several years after surgeries and sickness. Our friend, Therese, was diagnosed a few years ago, she fought her battle and won. Both women are inspirations to me and I’m sure anyone who meets them. Cancer did not define them but it did change them and we all agree awareness is key. I’m part of a research study called The Sister Study (http://sisterstudy.org) to try to figure out what links breast cancer has with siblings. So, we pink every chance we get and now my girls are also in the fight! Woman by woman…Sister by sister…We can make a difference!

This is Therese with Cass…


and with Becca. You can see the cute pink ribbon on the side of the mask. We got these masks in preparation for hurricanes and flying debris. Look at the size of that head! Keep in mind, she’s only 15 months old.


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