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New Routine, Bad Girl

This past week we’ve had a new routine at the barn. During the day (which is muggy and hot), Cass and Becca are kept in their small pasture where they can get under their fan in the shed. But now at night, they have the run of the whole property with the new mini cows. The first night they were out they must not have slept a wink. When I got there the next morning both were acting hung over! They barely could stay awake to eat their breakfast. They’ve adjusted to it now and have been going into the barn shed to sleep. I’m not sure if they allow the cows to come in to sleep or not.


Becca had a big adventure the other night. Leslie, our trainer, came up to give us all a refresher lesson in the round pen work. My round pen is still set up for Becca so the tent is in the way. We decided to trot her down to Terri’s barn behind the golf cart. As we started down the road a major storm came up. It had been cloudy and windy but it turned ugly fast. Becca took it all in stride and was a brave girl. When the lightning started we all decided there’d be no training and we let Becca chill out in one of the stalls. Gayle had brought some subs over for dinner so we all just sat around the barn picnic table, laughing, talking and eating. Becca began to get a bit impatient and she didn’t understand why she was there without her mom. I went over to pet her and she nailed me right in the arm! OUCH!!!!!!


The storm finally let up around 9pm and we had to take Becca back home in the dark. She really is a good girl (despite the teeth!) and she trotted down the dark road like she did it every day. There were all sorts of scary sounds and mailboxes and such but she was solid. She got excited when we approached our pasture and her momma called to her, wondering where the heck she’d been. I’m sure she was telling her all sorts of stories.  It was a late night for all of us.

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