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New Cows On The Block

Our new roomies have moved in and we think we like ’em! Snuffy, Maybelline, Millie and Mollie fit right in with our short girls. These cows are midgets! They actually come up to be petted. The big Buford girls never did that. I never quite trusted them bovines. Buford was cool, but this new bull is, well, special. He’s so tiny he can walk right underneath Cass! He may have to arrange for a step ladder when it’s time for him to perform his bullish duties. He’s not as brave as his ladies, but he’s curious, so I’m sure we’ll be friends. Shorter, smaller cows mean less poop, fewer flies and Cass will really be the big-mamma-in-charge.

Eva (my defective cattledog) meets one of the new girls. She was trotting out brave until the cow turned to look at her. That’s Snuffy in the back by the hay ring.


Charles and one of the ladies get acquainted. It’s really nice they want to be petted.


I don’t know how to tell Maybelline, Mollie and Millie apart, yet. Snuffy is taking it easy on the ground. If he was standing he would only come up to their shoulders.



Snuffy and the girls are miniature Hereford’s. He’s a youngster at a year and a half. I’m assuming the girls are just a bit older. Two are expecting babies next month and one just had her baby weaned. She’s been breaking my heart looking for him.


That’s quite a look!


Eva may be defective, in the fact she’s afraid of cows, but the girl is far from stupid. She knows where the cool spot is and will watch me from afar under Cass’s fan. There may be hope for her, though, this morning she actually ran one of the cows out of the barn! Her instincts overpowered her brain, but for just a moment. Didn’t take long for her to hightail it back, but she seemed rather pleased with herself.


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