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Hi Mom,
You’re not gonna believe what I did today. Miss Terri came down and we played with the golf cart. THEN…she took me out of the gate and made me walk on the road! No big deal…I sniffed and snorted just a bit, then walked right out. Do you know there is really, really, really, good grass over there?!?!?! Well, Miss Terri got in the golf cart and made me walk down the ROAD beside it. I did really, really good! When we got to Miss Mary’s driveway I decided I didn’t want to go any further, so I danced and jigged but she hung in there even though the rope was hurting her hands. I heard her say  “damn this nylon lead!” She must not know the rule about cussing. I calmed down and then we played with a plastic bag. I think she kept trying to scare me but I’m a big girl, doesn’t she know that?  A big truck came by and she made him honk his horn at me….how annoying.  I didn’t even care because it did not scare ME.

So, we continued down the road. I really didn’t like it but I was a very good girl. We went to this place that had a gate that opened all by its self! It must be magic. We went in and I trotted  right up to a fancy barn. I met a whole lot of new friends and saw my little buddy Skipper! He’s fun and smaller than me. I mouthed at Angel (hello pretty lady) and Sam (I remember you!) and Roper (he’s a hunk of a horse). Everything was great until I was talking to Angel and Roper sniffed my butt! I did a 360 piroette! I  wasn’t ready to be goosed. Miss Terri walked me to the round pen and I ran a little bit and walked some but I was getting tired. At that point I could hear my horse Mom, Cass, calling me to come home.

Miss Terri took me to the wash station and hooked me up. I did NOT like that. I pulled back with all my might but the strap was rubber so we played tug of war. Miss Terri said we really need to work on that, big time. But I got all cooled off, the water felt really great. I ate some cookies and was ready for the trip home. When we began to leave I got a wild hair up my butt and started to buck and kick so she let me go and I ran to the gate. I couldn’t get out, though, because it wouldn’t open for me. I guess I’m not the right magic. When Miss Terri walked up to me I thought she might be mad, but she wasn’t. She petted me and said she knew I had been through a lot and then she told me how proud she was of me. The gate opened for her and we took off for home.

Well, Mr. Marvin was on the street and he saw us coming. He turned his big truck off. He thought I was a runaway. How silly! Miss Terri told him what we were doing and then she had him start his truck and honk HIS horn. Geesh! LOL… I guess Miss Terri likes that sound. I just wanted to get home but she talked a bit with Mr. Marvin and I was good. Then ANOTHER car came by and like Mr. Marvin, they also thought I was a runaway….well…..blah…blah…blah ..same story was told again and you guessed it……another horn honked! Her and those horns. I looked at her and chuckled. I’m pretty much thinking I’ve passed the traffic and horn test with flying colors.

We finally got to the fence and there was my horse Mom, the beautiful Cass! Boy…..she really missed me….she kept calling to me. We trotted in our gate and then finally  into our house. Miss Terri took my halter off and then gave me some more loving. She told me we are going to do this again…soon. WOW…what a day! I did really awesome with everything that was new and scary to me! I am going to be a good trail horse for you Mom. Next time, do you want to come, pleeeeeeeeze?!?!?!?!?!?


Becca (I am certainly not afraid of a little horn honking!)

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