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New Roommates

Tomorrow brings us new roomies. The Buford herd moved out a couple weeks ago to the main property. It’s been cool because apparently all the bugs moved out with them! We get some different cows tomorrow, though. They are a much smaller breed and it’s another bull with his ladies. It’ll be interesting to meet them and see how they react to my girls and vice versa.

Terri also brought home a wonderful mini donkey mother, Matilda, and her baby, Clementine. They are simply too adorable! The mom is underweight so she’s been getting pampered at the main barn. I stop by and see them when I can.



Left to right: Matilda and Clementine visit with Gayle.


Our old friend, Sam, has also moved into the main barn. He and his mom, Gayle, were needing a cooler environment since Sam doesn’t sweat properly. Terri and Gayle hit it off and so far Sam is making his way in with her herd. It hasn’t been easy, he’s got some bites and scratches, but he’s a smart boy. It’s nice seeing him have so much room and actual grass to graze – like a horse should.


We got part of Cass’s blood results back. Her testosterone levels are actually within normal ranges. We’re still waiting on one more test to pinpoint to the possible granulosa theca cell tumor on her ovary. In the meantime, Dr. Carson (our holistic vet) came out to do acupuncture this week. Cass was having no part of it, though. She told us in no uncertain terms she was not in the mood. We didn’t push her with the needles and just did a little massage. We’re giving her some Chinese herbs to help her soreness (she’s pulled some muscles when she was going after Becca) and her hormones. She’s not wanting to eat them in her food, but tonight I mixed in some apples and she ate most of it. She and Becca are still back in together and I’ve not noticed any more aggression. Whew!

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