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Watching Dragonflies

This morning with Cass was just about magical. Things have been very quiet lately, especially since her hormones have quieted down a bit. But the cows moving out changed the energy of our little barn. It’s somehow even more peaceful than before. I fed the girls their usual breakfast and then let them out to play and graze on the whole property. I tended to my chores, mucking their living area, tidying up the barn and even tidied up my car. The pasture was abuzz with our dragonfly friends.

Cass has decided she’s comfortable in the barn. She likes to just go in there and hang out. It’s very sweet and she’s gotten brave. Even when she knocks something over she doesn’t spook or take off. She’s at peace. She was taking a little nap in the center aisle.


My smart girl places herself where the fan can blow on her. She looks like a supermodel with her luxurious locks whipping around in the breeze. I was ready for a break myself and Becca was busy grazing in the front where I could keep an eye on her, so I grabbed a book and plopped down on a chair to share the comforts from her fan. As I was reading, I felt Cass inch closer and closer to my face. She was sniffing me, sniffing the book, sniffing my boots and melting me with those gorgeous eyes. I kept reading and offered her my hand a few times. She likes it when I massage her bottom lip. Even though she’s been in my life for over a year now, times like this still give me a feeling I can’t describe.

After a while, she tiptoed around and stood behind me. I continued reading and then I felt her on the side of my face. She was standing so close her breath was in my ear. My heart may have stopped for a couple beats just waiting to see what she was up to. She simply stood there, with me, soaking me in as much as I was soaking her in. I’m the only one who has access to this part of her. The complete trust and comfort and comradarie. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. When Cass was standing with me today I could feel that little 10 year old girl who dreamed every night of a horse to have as my best friend. Cass has shown me how to watch the dragonflies.

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