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Fireworks, family barbecues, parades, flags, eagles…these are all images conjured by the thought of our Independence Day. But when we think of America there is another image that should be coming to your mind, our American Mustang running freely over the plains. Our country was built on the backs of horses and we are about to totally destroy a true American Icon, our beloved Mustang. We’ve been slowly extinguishing them for many years, but most don’t know about it.

You see the cattle ranchers caused a fuss because they didn’t like sharing the public lands (our land!) with the bands of wild Mustangs. Keep in mind, this is millions of acres. So, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) started rounding the wild horses up and adopting them out. It must be so rewarding to win the trust of one of these animals but obviously, not a lot of folks are qualified to take one of these on. The numbers being held versus being adopting started getting bigger and bigger. Now, all these years later, the BLM is complaining about the cost to care for all these horses they’ve continued to capture. They want to kill them all or send them to slaughter, which is a worse death. It’s become a horrible mess. The mustangs are paying the ultimate price for greed.

Last night I read a story and met a horse who will forever stay embedded deeply in my heart. He was born a noble, wise, strong and fair stallion with a family all his own. He was doing just fine until the BLM stepped in. Maybe he will touch you, too.

El Mariachi’s story

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