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When I was preparing to buy Cass, there was a group of artists that had already adopted her as one of their special mares. The International Blessed Broodmare Project is dedicated to the rescue and well-being of horses all over the world and to assist them in avoiding the horrors of slaughter. It was founded by Deb Buckler and a powerful group of model horse enthusiasts who believed they could collectively make a difference in the lives of horses in desperate situations. Their first successful rescue was a group of 20 draft cross colts stranded at a feed lot in Canada, destined for slaughter. The next rescue involved a large group of ex-Premarin mares from several farms in Canada . The mares were being threatened with being sent to the “kill auction” where they most likely would have been bought for slaughter and then onto the dinner plates in other countries. You can read both heartwarming stories on the website.

My Cass was one of those 90 mares. The artists of TIBBP raise money by sculpting, painting and selling resin horses. I never knew about this hobby until my adventure began with getting Cass from Canada to Florida.  TIBBP was desperately sending money to bring down the prices on the mares so they would be more easily adopted by those of us with bleeding hearts here in the U.S. As a matter of fact, the son of one of the artists, Stephen who is in grade school, painted resin frogs and sold enough to bring Cass’s price down. She was his favorite. Even though I can’t paint or sculpt, I’m now a member of this formidable group of horse lovers. We have our own news group where lots of good information is passed, stories of progress are told and prayers of encouragement are sent. They are wonderful friends to have.

So it is fitting that my girl, now has a one-of-a-kind resin horse painted in her likeness. Thanks to Gina Hall she is Cass. I absolutely love her and I’m afraid a new obsession may be in the works! Introducing … Mini Cass!









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