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Ramirez And His Bully

At 11am today, we’re going to be doing an x-ray on Ramirez’s brain. Dr. Rick (who is wonderful) will be putting him slightly under anesthesia because the x-ray has to be shot through his open mouth to show the part of the brain he needs to see. We’re calling it his “bully” but I think it’s ebulus or something. It’s the part that controls the vestibular system. Since we’re one month into this now, it’s time for more answers. He has improved, as you can see here:

If this x-ray today shows abnormality on the right side of his “bully” (which is the side he circles) then Dr. Rick will somehow be able to relieve the pressure. If it doesn’t show abnormality then we will know we’re dealing with more than vestibular disease. I trust Dr. Rick completely, especially when it comes to knocking this guy out. He’s been caring for him since he was a pup. The agent he uses has a reversal so he’ll come back up fairly quickly. We understand the risk and are praying we get some answers. We’re also doing another procedure at the same time that will be revealed later – can’t say anything, yet.

Please keep our boy in your prayers today.

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