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What do you get when you cross an over zeolous cattledog with a bratty fjord? You get mom falling flat on her face as the cattledog clotheslines her trying to chase after the fjord! Ouch! The side of my knee is gonna be all kinds of cool colors later today…

But before I stumbled, I was witness to my most magnificent Cassidy April showing complete grace while tearing it up running all around the 5 acres. She was absolutely breathtaking. It’d been a while since I was able to turn them loose and since it was a tinge cooler this AM, my girls were feeling fruity. It is truly a thing of beauty to watch a horse run for the sheer love of running. She even had Buford the bull scrambling out of her way. She would stop at one of the fences, arch that neck and let out a couple snorts then take off again. Becca was trying to keep up, but momma ruled this race. It was too cool.

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