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This week Cass allowed our farrier (http://soundhorsesystems.com/) to trim her hooves by just standing calmly on a loose lead. She didn’t have to have a wheelbarrow full of hay in front of her for a distraction! We were also standing in the barn, not out in the open of the pasture so she was dealing with two biggies. This was huge. She’s had a problem with her feet from the beginning. Her experiences in the past with hoofcare were not the most pleasant. From what we can tell, she had them trimmed while being attached to a livestock tip table. Picture panels being pushed against both sides of her to squeeze her tight enough so that when they lifted the table sideways, she was off the ground. It had to be horrifying.  She and I have worked diligently on her trusting to have her feet lifted. We are very proud of our smart girl!

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