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I think I’ve mentioned we have other ailing dogs besides Ramirez. Had rechecks with two of them today at the vet. Kaley, who is in kidney failure, is heading right back to end-stage even after being hospitalized last week for IV fluids. She is now feeling her disease, is nauseas and weak. She’s kinda stumbling around like she’s had a bit too much to drink. Joey, who was just diagnosed last week with glaucoma, has only had a slight improvement in the pressure in his eye. The meds that are working for Nellie aren’t doing enough for him. His lens has now luxated completely to the front of his eye and he’s in pain. We’re adding an oral pain medication to try to help. The best answer for him is to remove the eye, but he’s 18 years old. I don’t know that he’d survive surgery.

The cat that’s ill is actually responding to his meds and is enjoying canned food along with his usual kibble. He’s looking better. Ramirez is scheduled to see Dr. Rick tomorrow. It’s difficult to describe things over the phone. He needs to see him again and assess if this is all still vestibular disease or if there is brain damage. Our boy is trying so hard but it’s hard for me to stay positive when I see him like this. We actually kicked him out of our bed at night so we can get some sleep – though Scottie’s been up with him several times the past two nights. Not having his squooshy fortress all around making my feet hang off the bed is an adjustment. I’m sleeping better and not being scratched by him, but it makes me completely sad. We’ve got some tough decisions to make.

This is our boy, Ramirez, napping on our bed a few years ago – when he could still get around on his own.


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