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Well, the boy’s excursion to the pool proved to be too hard on his already incapacitated sinuses. For the past few years Ramirez has had horrible sinus problems. So much so, when we have his dentals done, Dr. Rick also flushes them out. The end of this week had Ramirez really gasping for breath in between all his congestion. Without being able to stand or walk, that made it difficult for him to sneeze so we’ve had a bad few days and nights. Scottie and I have been scheduling ourselves so one of us is here with him or he’s only alone for an hour or so at the most. When one of these episodes of non-breathing would hit, he’d panic, begin to flail his legs, hence, ripping our arms up with his little pin toes. We put our heads together with Dr. Rick and added a decongestant to his antihistamine and it seems to be giving him some relief. He also allowed us to put him over a vaporizer to open things up, he’s such a trooper. Last night was a fairly peaceful night of sleep for all of us, he only woke me up once around 4am and just needed to be held up so he could get a sneeze out. We were all able to go back to sleep for a few more hours.

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